Who we are

Long Horizon are people development specialists. We are highly experienced in working with small to medium sized businesses. We are based in the South West of England and have both depth and breadth of expertise.

Honesty & Integrity
We will behave with honesty and integrity all the time. Sometimes that will mean walking away from business. We will work and behave in such a way that there will be no sleepless nights. We will do the right thing in the right way, because it’s the right thing to do.

Trust & Partnership
We will be trusted partners. Our clients trust us with their business confidences. We will never betray that trust. We are long term partners with our customers. Our relationship is based on trust we have earned.

Quality & Customer
We will deliver a service quality which meets our customers’ needs. We won’t cut corners or compromise on quality because that will compromise our reputation. Our customers’ needs are at the heart of what we do. We will listen, understand and ensure that what we do for them, is what their business needs.

Creativity & Innovation
We will encourage creativity and innovation and be open to new ways of working and thinking. We will learn, change and grow, both as a business and as individuals. We are on a journey with our clients. It will be exciting, fresh, creative and sometimes unsettling.

Jo Reese has been developing people for three decades. Her focus is on enabling companies to achieve growth by aligning people management with business objectives. An experienced, qualified trainer and coach, Jo designs and delivers creative training, coaching and mentoring for business managers and leaders. Jo has a strong commercial and quality background and is a strategic thinker who asks the difficult questions. She is skilled at helping managers and leaders find the best in themselves and encourages people to develop confidence and competence in their work.  Jo knows how challenging it is to lead and run a business and believes success is easier when everyone is working to deliver business success. Jo’s focus is on ensuring your people, processes and management do what is needed in the way that works best, so your business thrives.

Associate Jeanette Howells is a commercially astute and highly professional Investors In People practitioner. As a Health and Well Being specialist Jeanette enables companies to improve productivity and staff retention through their people strategies. Having run a successful business for many years, served as a trustee and Governor for several organisations, Jeanette is comfortable working at strategic level. Jeanette is highly experienced in developing leaders and managers in a diverse range of sectors, including automotive and transportation, manufacturing and digital technology. Jeanette’s experience includes national management of quality assurance for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), performance managing remote teams, and raising company performance through coaching senior and middle managers. A licensed career counsellor and member of several professional institutions, Jeanette brings a calm understanding and approach to developing businesses through their people.

For thirty years associate Jamie Stewart has specialised in executive and leadership development in a vast range of companies, working with some of the biggest brands such as British Aerospace, Coca Cola, Network Rail and Volkswagen Group. Jamie is very good at focusing all his expertise to benefit smaller companies and understands the issues and challenges that small - medium size companies face.  Jamie has supported companies from manufacturing to service organisations to develop their leadership team, their strategic capability and their approach to business growth.  Jamie has an MSc in Human Resource Development from Lancaster University, and is also is trained, qualified and highly experienced in the use of psychometric and behavioural instruments which can be used to give powerful insight into teams. Jamie is an experienced, qualified and gifted business coach. 

Thomas' PPA assessment provides you with an accurate insight into how and why your team behave the way they do and how you can get the best from them. It takes just a few minutes to run. It offers quality feedback on leaders, managers, sales roles and teams, enabling you to help your team make the best contribution they can.