Management Development

Management training

Good managers make all the difference in business. If you have really good managers, you have happy customers, happy employees, your senior team are free to focus on strategy. You can take time off without worrying, or being on call.

Are your managers like that? If they are, well done. Most managers are trying to be really good at what they do. Many need a hand to become better.

You might have new managers who need training. Your experienced managers could do some things better or differently. You may want to improve team performance or customer service. Perhaps your managers could do better as a team.

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Management training is about equipping your managers with a solid set of management skills. They already know the technical side of their job. Management development enables them to run your business.

This can include:

  • Managing people and their performance.
  • Managing projects and quality.
  • Developing you as a manager and your team.
  • Your management style, communications and behaviours.
  • Practical management skills: meetings, reports, communicating well.
  • Recruiting, selecting, training your team.


Will it work?

This is high quality management development, with content tailored to your business needs. Institute of Leadership & Management endorsed programmes are available to your company. This gives you the added benefit of knowing your company training has external recognition.

All your managers will receive practical, work place assignments to put their learning into effect straightaway.  You will be able to see a difference almost immediately in the way your managers work.  They will develop a team approach and confidence in what they do and how they do it. You will see improved skills in your management team, managers who solve work problems, run the business and leave your senior team free to focus on strategy and growth.

What next?

For managers with the confidence and skills to run your business well, call us. Let’s get your managers working at the top of their game with tailored, business focused development.