Diagnostic Tool


Business Skills Diagnostic Report

Running a business is not easy. You make plans. You know where you want the business to go. Do your people have the skills to do that?

Businesses struggle when senior managers are too busy being operational to focus on strategy. Middle managers may lack the skills or knowledge to raise business performance. Perhaps your business has the right skills, but your people systems do not support your business growth.

This report will give you clear, fact based recommendations to enable your leaders and managers to drive business success.

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How does it work?

  • We gather a range of business information to understand your business as it is now and your future ambitions.
  • We meet with your senior team for a focused 2 hour session to uncover the areas of your people strengths and potential challenges.
  • We use a skills diagnostic with your senior managers to clarify their skills and roles.
  • We analyse all the data and forecast the areas of skills development needed to achieve your business growth ambitions.

What do you get back?

  • Each senior manager receives a confidential, personal feedback session and written report suggesting development activities in line with their role and responsibilities.
  • We will prepare a report detailing the people development issues that affect your business, with clear recommendations on how you can address them.
  • We will meet with you to discuss and review your report and give you an opportunity to consider your priorities.

What next?

You know where your business is going. Find out where it’s starting from. For practical information on how to make great use of your people, get a Business Skills diagnostic report.